Garden Fencing

Timber fencing is the quickest, most convenient and reasonably priced garden fencing you can buy. Using fence panels and the way you use them can show of the best parts of your garden, but if you use the wrong ones then it is something that will disappoint you every time you go outside.

Garden fencing panels are usually standard sizes of roughly 6ft wide, which makes it easy to replace in the future. Fence panels usually start at 3ft high rising in 1ft at a time until you get to 6ft high.

Garden fencing is fairly easy to fit, as fence panels are able to be either nailed too timber posts or they can be placed into concrete posts with slots in them. The only real minor trouble when fitting fences is the fact that on ground that slopes the rigid sections need to be stepped down from the slope so the fence at the top will not be a level line but more a series of steps.

Different Types of Garden Fencing

The cheapest garden fencing to do is commonly the waney edge fencing. This really is typically a lighter in weight panel built with slim horizontal boards with a surround around the panel along with a capping rail to complete it. Waney edge panels, once broken are hard to repair and usually need changing completely.

If you want more durable garden fencing that can be fixed if broken later on then it is best off opting for overlap panel fencing, or a feather edge panel. They are built with a type of wedge profiled boarding running vertically along the panel. Border rails and bracing rails at the back of the panel, along with the enhanced thickness from the boards, makes this kind of fence panel much stronger and much more robust that any waney edge fence panels. This will also be reflected within the cost, though. Feather edge fencing can be used on any concrete or timber posts but of course concrete posts will offer you really long-lasting garden fencing.

Overlap fence panels are normally tanalised, and tanalised timber provides the best defense against rot so it can give you a rot free garden fencing for at least fifteen years. Overlaping panels may cost two times more than waney edge, but this really is reflected in the quantity of timber used in constructing the panel and also because of it’s strength.

The Best Garden Fencing

Nowadays if you are after garden fencing that is top of the heap then you will find an extensive range of European styles of attractive garden fencing at any diy store. They often are made with horizontal boards inside a like guesswork style with solid framework around them; diagonal board design or a vertical board lay out that looks both interesting and pleasing to the eye. The panels at the tops are often filled with lattice trellis and may include a wavy top that’s domed. This type of garden fencing is highly ornamental and well-built and usually costs a lot more than conventional overlap sections but provides a high level of stylish decoration for your garden.

Whatever type of garden fencing you use it should provide you with good protection and privacy with easy installation that should last you for years.